Tripix Designs

Tramonto Intrigante - Tripix Designs 0008 - Art by Naik Michel

Tramonto Intrigante

As one of Tripixs best sellers, this design is dazzling like a sunset, but suggests a more crazed interpretation. The elongated palm trees are attracted to each ray of light that is coming through...

Volatile Undulation - Tripix Designs 0003 - Art by Naik Michel

Volatile Undulation

Various shades of crimson, magenta, and amber interlock throughout this amazing image by oscillating into what looks like a chaotic pattern.

Bouquet Of Shards - Tripix Designs 0026 - Art by Naik Michel

Bouquet Of Shards

This alluring piece emulates a bouquet of flowers with shards of glass, that incorporates breathtaking, compatible, scintillating hues of pink and aqua that are bound to blow you away!

The Palm Tree Effect - Tripix Designs 0001 - Art by Naik Michel

The Palm Tree Effect

As your eye follows through this beautiful portrayal of photosynthetic palm trees, you will see a burst of light that billows throughout the blue sky.

Hippified - Tripix Designs 0016 - Art by Naik Michel


The black hole in this design attracts any viewer’s attention with an overabundance of tie-died complementary colors. A dash of hues are elongated through the black hole like stars being hauled across the midnight...

A Peaceful Offering - Tripix Designs 0022 - Art by Naik Michel

A Peaceful Offering

A perfect fit for any room. This pleasant bouquet of multi-colored flowers brings a feast to the eyes as the soothing white background continues to let the branch stand out as the creme de...

Surge of Power - Tripix Designs 0020 - Art by Naik Michel

Surge of Power

Undulating waves of green, teal, and aqua collide with similar hues in a topsy-turvy world that is quickly coiling together in a powerful uproar.

A Lovers Quarrel - Tripix Designs 0012 - Art by Naik Michel

A Lovers Quarrel

Simplicity mixed with depth at its finest. A dark black heart merges together exotic interdependent colors that supplies the viewer with a joining of the sexes. Perfect for any room, any house, any material!

Supernatural Floresta - Tripix Designs 0018 - Art by Naik Michel

Supernatural Floresta

This enticing concoction of a dark forest with layers of beautiful shades will draw you in for hours! Wind blows the leaves into oblivion as they inhale the light into their branches. Spectacular!

Reticulum - Tripix Designs 0004 - Art by Naik Michel


This webbed glowing network stimulates the eyes into a deep black hole that is impossible to pull away from.

Feathery Dreamland - Tripix Designs 0002 - Art by Naik Michel

Feathery Dreamland

The black night exhibits a mystical, while endearing display of soft, yet jagged feathers that are creeping toward their utopian dreamland.

Swept Away - Tripix Designs 0035 - Art by Naik Michel

Swept Away

Looks like the temperature is rising with this multi-colored feathered domain! Different hues grasp this design and completely take over, even with some of the darker tones that are trying to break through.

Destination Undercover - Tripix Designs 0034 - Art by Naik Michel

Destination Undercover

Let’s take a walk on the dark side into a forest that is sweeping with long branches reaching for their destination. It is up to you to figure out where these beautiful complementary colored...

Pile Up - Tripix Designs 0033 - Art by Naik Michel

Pile Up

For those of you that want something a little less bright, but still amazingly detailed, these rock-like images encompass veins that are sending tantalizing hues to the human eye.

Starburst - Tripix Designs 0015 - Art by Naik Michel


A plethora of colors unite with a dark background that makes each hue stand out more than ever. Layer upon layer, each coloration beautifully comes together.

Transformation - Tripix Designs 0011 - Art by Naik Michel


Your eyes will not be able to steer from the overpowering black hole in this image with its beaming rays of magnificent complementary colors.

No Sweat - Tripix Designs 0019 - Art by Naik Michel

No Sweat

Simple, yet refined. This young tree is starting to flourish as shades of blue, pink, and yellow-orange conceal its natural state. The white background is fantastic for printing on any media and matches many...

Flaming Pathway - Tripix Designs 0031 - Art by Naik Michel

Flaming Pathway

This flaming, bright design is nothing short of shocking in the way that it emits such sharp, powerful colors and nonrepresentational images. A concoction of only the most scintillating hues of orange and some...

Cyclonic Wonderland - Tripix Designs 0021 - Art by Naik Michel

Cyclonic Wonderland

This image is an alluring pastel wonderland with palm trees that are captivated in a polychromatic spiral and a mysterious corner that can be mistaken for a sun peeping through the sky. What catches...

Peace, Love, and Harmony - Tripix Designs 0014 - Art by Naik Michel

Peace, Love, and Harmony

A star-like shaped magenta tone gets sucked into a vicious yellow-hued wind. Don’t be fooled, there is much more to this interpretation than meets the eye.

Tonic Bass - Tripix Designs 0030 - Art by Naik Michel


Waves of appealing shades of blue and green encompass each perfectly designed curve. This design is the epitome of depth with its layers upon layers of fascinating imagery.

Demolition - Tripix Designs 0027 - Art by Naik Michel


You and your friends will become enthralled in this image due to the complexity of it. With tones of blue, green, and magenta, a lovely calming effect can be found in such a chaotic...

Nervous - Tripix Designs 0032 - Art by Naik Michel


Like a lightning thunderstorm creeping north, these nerve-like undulations meet head-on with tones of orange, green/blue, and purple. So brilliant and detailed, this image will take your breath away!

Electric Shock - Tripix Designs 0024 - Art by Naik Michel

Electric Shock

This piece is just as dazzling as it is captivating. With the gold emblem in the center and feather-like waves of green hues, this fabulous design could never go unnoticed with the “shock” around...

Ravenous Waves - Tripix Designs 0007 - Art by Naik Michel

Ravenous Waves

Like any propelling electric current, this image will draw you in to the cyan blue of depth that is prominent in the distinct arc that becomes the leading force to your eye. The white...

Psycha-evergreen - Tripix Designs 0023 - Art by Naik Michel


Mystifying branches encompass this delightful design as the vein-like waves and shapes of beautiful blue and lavender color tempt the eye.

Tonic Bass - Tripix Designs 0017 - Art by Naik Michel

Tonic Bass

This tantalizing whirlpool of cyclonic spirals complement each other as they break off into a tripod and continue their path. Your vision will be in awe!

Angel Of Darkness - Tripix Designs 0010 - Art by Naik Michel

Angel Of Darkness

This image leads its viewers to an open interpretation with its abstract tendencies. Each stroke of color seems to be merging together in shades of pink and magenta with a explosion of yellow in...

A Flash of Luminescence - Tripix Designs 0009 - Art by Naik Michel

A Flash of Luminescence

These palm trees are drenched with a splash of complementary colors fused with an inviting, brilliant background. This design will for sure brighten any room, putting a smile on every face whose attention it...

Harmonious Kadinsky - Tripix Designs 0013 - Art by Naik Michel

Harmonious Kadinsky

It can be difficult to pinpoint the focus on this fascinating image with its razor-edged streaks. The human eye will get lost staring into the scope of the design as it gets easily distracted...

Wiped Out - Tripix Designs 0029 - Art by Naik Michel

Wiped Out

Tripix took splatter-paint to a whole new level of design with this blend of remarkable tints of pink, magenta, teal, and blue. With no attempt to represent recognizable objects, abstract art never looked so...

The Eye Seize - Tripix Designs 0006 - Art by Naik Michel

The Eye Seize

Your eyes will not be able to steer from the overpowering black hole in this image with its beaming rays of magnificent complementary colors.

Kaleidoscopic Palm Bomen - Tripix Designs 0005 - Art by Naik Michel

Kaleidoscopic Palm Bomen

Illuminant colors of the rainbow strike any viewers attention in this depiction of palm trees that are extending into a wonderland of color rays.

Cyclops - Tripix Designs 0025 - Art by Naik Michel


An image like this is something you don’t see everyday. It got its name from the three-sided shape in the middle that appears to be glowing. What isn’t taken into account in the name,...

Tripton - Tripix Designs 0028 - Art by Naik Michel


This piece is a pleasant transformation from the usual bright colors seen throughout Tripix’s designs. Although it has somewhat of a somber tone, like flower pedals blooming, the astounding shades of color make this...